IS2000: A Case Study

IS2000 is an software control mechanism for a hardware imaging system. The customer has requested the design be extensible, maintainable andportable.
The basic functionality of the IS2000 system is:

  • Captures an image using a camera on a probe…
    • Image can be visible light, heat, other EMR frequencies, radiation, etc…
    • Sensors provide supplementary information (distance of camera from target, etc.)
  • Converts the image into a suitable viewing format.
  • Image acquisition procedures are customisable (ie: imaging time intervals, stationary or moving camera..)
  • Support peripheral devices such as printers and digital imagers.
  • Users can:
    • Define new acquisition procedures
    • Monitor the progress of raw data being transformed into a image
    • Perform operations to enhance the image
    • Transfer the image to a remote imaging system

IS2000 interacts with three primary actors: the user, the probe hardware and the network interface. The physical characteristics of the camera will change as new models are introduced Also, user's interaction will change as they become more sophisticated in using the system. Finally, more powerful computers will mean more of the user's responsibility will shift to the system and new processing filters may need to be implemented.

Global analysis

Conceptual model

Module view

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