IS2000: Conceptual Model

To begin the modelling process we represent the IS2000 system as single component with communication ports for interaction with the outside world.


From this initial model, we implement the strategy: "introduce separate components for acquisition, image processing and image exporting".


We now use use the strategy: "encapsulate domain-specific hardware".

  • Decompose Acquisition component to ProbeControl and the rest.
  • Decompose Imaging component to DataCollection and the rest.

From this model we implement the strategies: "decouple the user interaction model" and "separate components and modules along dimensions of concern".


For the exporting component we use the strategy: "encapsulate domain-specific image data"

  • Separate the component responsible for domain-specific communication of image data ('Comm').

Also, the strategy "separate time-critical from non time-critical components" is now utilised.

  • Separate ImageProcessingActivities (ImageProcessing for time-critical and PostProcessing for non time-critical)

Finally, we implement the strategy "use a flexible pipeline model for image processing".

  • Incoming data is bundled into packets
  • The packets are processed in the image processing pipeline
Protocols for Packetizer and PacketPipe
Packetizer behaviour
RequestDataPacket protocol
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